Constats asbl

How to support us?

You can support us in a thousand ways, and among others :

Do you want to support our actions? So Make a donation on the account of Constats asbl


IBAN  BE32 0015 8888 9302

ou   001-5888893-02

ou   Donations are tax deductible from the amount of 40 €.

For more information about the financial management of the association, click here.

We need your donation for:

-support the costs of translator and travel to Brussels for the victims.

-support de medical costs (implementation of medical evaluation, that are not supported by the asylum authorities in Belgium, expert advice, etc…).

-support administrative costs (phones, faxes, copies, etc …).

If you are a doctor (general practitioner or specialist), or a psychologist and our project interests you, feel you free to contact us.

We would welcome the doctors and psychologists who wish to invest in this issues, be formed and/or collaborate in examining torture victims.

We are available to come and present our association ant the Istabul Protocol in your center, your medical circle and/or Glem, etc …

Our annual accounts are published on, the firstBelgian website to publish impartial information on the activities and finances of charities.